Travel in a COVID-19 world is no boring thing. Back in the day you used to check in with your boarding pass and you’re good to go! Not now though. You have have to have way more then just your boarding pass to be able go go anywhere.

We had at least 30 pages of documents with us detailing transit exemptions and COVID test results, pages that explained how our luggage should be checked through – all the way to the end destination – even though we didn’t have everything on one ticket, and lots of other important documents.

Traveling with required face masks and face shields.

The most powerful weapon though we had was prayer. And that brought us through. Thank you for asking the Lord with us to bring us to PNG! We still marvel at his doing!

We had a fairly simple route that brought us from Berlin over Doha all the way to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from where a flight was leaving to Port Moresby.

From there we were picked up by our mission to bring us and 40 others safely into quarantine in Goroka.

We are now in a 2 week quarantine and hope go go back to our place of service – Hoskins – at the end of November.

Please continue to pray for us as we adjust back to PNG and head back into the support ministry in Hoskins. We are very happy to be back in PNG!


Ready, set, go!

We are going back to PNG! Pray with us that everything works out, as this time is a difficult time to travel, but so far all doors seem to be wide open for us to head back to PNG! We are very thankful that the Lord provided this route back to PNG! Upon arrival in PNG we will be quarantined for two weeks and then head to our location of ministry in West New Britain.


Wantakia 321-0!


The Amdu!


God Never Stops Working

‘ All the powers of hell will not conquer it..’

Matthew 16:18

That is exactly what Jesus had said. Nothing and nobody – not even a worldwide pandemic – could stop God from doing what he does and what he wants accomplished!

Wantakia – two different types of people!

And with our God still at work there was a lot happening in PNG during the last 4 weeks.

1 tribe finally heard the Gospel! Pray for the new believers and the missionaries in there and praise the Lord that he has a church among the Pei people of Papua New Guinea! Pray for the missionary team as one of their members had to leave for the US to get medical attention.

2 tribes are hearing the Gospel right now! The Wantakia and the Amdu people are hearing for the first time what God has done to save them from their sin and a bondage to Satan by just believing what Jesus has done for them! Pray for the missionaries for strength and endurance and clarity in conveying the message! Pray that many Wantakia and Amdu will come and listen to the teaching and will be saved!

1 tribe has just baptized their first group of believers! Pray for the church among the Kaje people who celebrate Gods salvation!

Baptism among the Kaje people

Please continue to pray for the work that the Lord is doing in PNG! The last few days we see a spike of COVID-19 cases in PNG. Please ask the Lord to protect PNG from harm and that His work can continue strong! Pray also that all the missionaries that were on furlough and want to go back to PNG for work will be able to come back!


The people and the law

"This past week was an important one as we taught about God giving the Law to the people of Israel. The New Testament…

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Where are they?

The car is stuck … in a river?

On our base we sometimes host other missionaries or visitors of missionaries while on their way to their final destination This was the case in January of this year. We had a group of people coming from overseas that wanted to visit a missionary in the south of our island. They choose to take the airplane which was pretty easy but back out they wanted to try the road which is quite another story…

It was rainy season which means lots of water and very slippery and muddy roads, some of them even flooded up to 3.5 feet! But that doesn’t deter everybody from trying to get through. 🙂 Usually this route takes 1 day with Public Motor Vehicles (PMV’s) to travel.

But our visitors had to be 2 days on the road, sleep in the bush and we had absolutely no idea where they were before they made it back to us. They finally arrived on the day where their flight was scheduled to depart home…

The first two came very early in the morning with a car they had found in town and a few hours later the rest of them arrived, exhausted but ok. The river they had to walk across was flooded and they had to cross it by foot in hope of catching a ride on the other side, but there was no car waiting for them. Instead they decided to part ways and send a group of two people ahead in hope of finding a car that could take them all back to town. The rest of them would hunker down somewhere in the bush. But it didn’t work and after walking for a long time the two were able to catch a ride with an ambulance that was on its way to town. The rest of the group was picked up the next day by one of our missionaries that was in the area who’s car was stuck in the river due to battery failure but later pulled out by a friend…

We were all relieved and very thankful after everybody had made it home safely. Thank you Lord!

Completely flooded

It’s good not to build your house on sand, but also not good if you build it on low ground…

It was quite the rainfall, gushing like out of a broken pipe for more then 2 hours, after which our house, which is build on the lowest spot on center was standing like an island in a beautiful lake or should I say more like a sinking boat in a shallow swampy lagoon?

Thankfully there were no alligators around not even inside but the water was a few inches too high. Since it was morning time we were at the house when it all started and had enough time to move everything to higher ground! Thankfully we were able to get the water out and the house dry after a few hours!

Conference and School Testing

After the torrential rain we moved on to continue with the conference preparations. In about 1 month a large group of missionaries would come to our center from their bush locations and stay here for about a week.

We’re buying fresh veggies for our missionaries.

There would be a lot to do on the supply side with missionaries buying their groceries for the next few months and the transport to the bush. But it all went down quite different than expected.


would change a lot. While things believed impossible before where happing now in Europe, Asia and the US, everything was quiet in PNG and nothing was hinting at a worldwide pandemic on our small island. Our conference started mid March and in connection with it we had a few missionaries who had booked flights back home. Now all of a sudden their flights got canceled and even our conference team, speaker, VBS and cooking team had to cancel!

Ghost town airport Brisbane

It was nevertheless a special conference and with the virus now also being present in PNG we like so many of our friends had to make preparations to take our home assignment sooner than expected. We are on home assignment now in Germany till Lord willing we will return to PNG at the end of October.

3 Helicopters For PNG

Our helicopter currently in use in PNG is 40 years old and it is time to replace it. Also the number of works that will use helicopters increased too so that Ethnos 360 Aviation plans to buy 3 new helicopters for PNG. One was already provided but two more are planned to be purchased. Please pray with us that the new helicopter will soon be able to be used in PNG and that the other two choppers can be bought soon.

Check out more about the helicopters here:

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New Prayer Cards


We made new english prayer cards. If you’d like us to send you one please fill in the information below:

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PNG Tribal Missions

A Maturing Church

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go into a tribal location as a family with some of our friends.

After a 3 hour road trip we arrived at the village that was next beside the road.

The church in this location has been established about 20 years ago and is now a community of about 200 believers. In their tribe as a whole they have 10 churches in other locations.

We sat down with the believers and talked for hours with them picking their brain and learning from their experience as Christians in PNG. They come out of the same background as the people that we want to reach with the Gospel one day!

Their own language is spoken a lot but they all understand and most of if not all speak Tok Pisin. Because of some people that married into their community but came from other language groups they just started a presentation of the Gospel in Tok Pisin and we had the opportunity to attend!

They are teaching 5-6 mornings a week and it will take them 2 1/2 months until they reach the Gospel going from Creation to Christ.

It was so refreshing to talk with some of the believers there and gave us an encouraging picture of what the final picture might look like of what we’re aiming for!

We’re looking forward to visits in other locations too!

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Bush Orientation