A Maturing Church

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go into a tribal location as a family with some of our friends. After a 3 hour road trip we arrived at the village that was next beside the road. The church in this location has been established about 20 years ago and is now a community of… Continue reading A Maturing Church

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On the move

We made it back to Germany! After a long time of traveling and seeing many people we finally arrived in Germany! We are so thankful for how God helped us during the travel. We are super excited to see family and friends here again! We are feeling overwhelmed when we think about the year that… Continue reading On the move

The Unbelievable Need

Last weekend we had representatives come from all the continents of the world that New Tribes Mission works in. The goal was to present the different missionary fields to us as missionary candidates. We are once again blown away by the need that is out there – the incredible need and hunger for the Gospel to come and… Continue reading The Unbelievable Need


Today is the day when the tribal simulation ended. Five weeks later we are looking back at an awesome time we had in the simulation and discussion time afterwards. We are very thankful for this opportunity which showed us a little bit how life on the field will be and how we will react to… Continue reading Done!

Crossing borders

Have you ever felt lost? Feeling lost in a city is probably not as bad as feeling lost when you cross the door step of your house and step into a completely different culture and language. LOST! You might even feel quite unappreciated when the people you are trying to reach with the Gospel (who… Continue reading Crossing borders

Tribal Life Simulation

Beginning tomorrow we will experience one of the secrets of training. A hidden tribe in the training center? Exactly! Tomorrow we will start a six week simulation of field live, meaning that we have to go through some of the key aspects of missionary live in the first couple of years. Sounds scary? Honestly speaking,… Continue reading Tribal Life Simulation

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survival camp

packing for the trip

Today we will start a 3 day camping trip without tents. We will walk to the campsite with the use of a compass and gps, locate the tarps we need for shelter and the food. Upon arrival we will begin to set up our shelters with the use of string and tarp. During these three… Continue reading survival camp

Missionary Technology

Das ist die Powerzentrale für ein Haus im Stamm.

I have never build a house, nor even thought about doing it. I have no clue how to wire it and to provide electricity where there is none and what exactly needs to be thought through. This is a bad situation to be in when you are supposed to build your house overseas right? We… Continue reading Missionary Technology


The job finished? Maybe soon!

In the next 28 years the last unreached people groups could be reached! Through people like you and me.