A Maturing Church

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go into a tribal location as a family with some of our friends. After a 3 hour road trip we arrived at the village that was next beside the road. The church in this location has been established about 20 years ago and is now a community of… Continue reading A Maturing Church

Entering a New Stage in Life!

We were really excited when we received word from PNG this week telling us that we are officially part of the team! We received lots and lots of emails with information about what is needed to apply for work permits and visas… It seems like it will be a lengthy process with lots of paperwork, and we are hoping that the stuff we… Continue reading Entering a New Stage in Life!

Crossing borders

Have you ever felt lost? Feeling lost in a city is probably not as bad as feeling lost when you cross the door step of your house and step into a completely different culture and language. LOST! You might even feel quite unappreciated when the people you are trying to reach with the Gospel (who… Continue reading Crossing borders

Ministry Fishing Trip

Today we had the opportunity of inviting the residents of the local elder care to come out to the MTC for a time of fishing and fellowship. Johanna and two others go there every week to lead a Bible Study.

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