God Never Stops Working

‘ All the powers of hell will not conquer it..’

Matthew 16:18

That is exactly what Jesus had said. Nothing and nobody – not even a worldwide pandemic – could stop God from doing what he does and what he wants accomplished!

Wantakia – two different types of people!

And with our God still at work there was a lot happening in PNG during the last 4 weeks.

1 tribe finally heard the Gospel! Pray for the new believers and the missionaries in there and praise the Lord that he has a church among the Pei people of Papua New Guinea! Pray for the missionary team as one of their members had to leave for the US to get medical attention.

2 tribes are hearing the Gospel right now! The Wantakia and the Amdu people are hearing for the first time what God has done to save them from their sin and a bondage to Satan by just believing what Jesus has done for them! Pray for the missionaries for strength and endurance and clarity in conveying the message! Pray that many Wantakia and Amdu will come and listen to the teaching and will be saved!

1 tribe has just baptized their first group of believers! Pray for the church among the Kaje people who celebrate Gods salvation!

Baptism among the Kaje people

Please continue to pray for the work that the Lord is doing in PNG! The last few days we see a spike of COVID-19 cases in PNG. Please ask the Lord to protect PNG from harm and that His work can continue strong! Pray also that all the missionaries that were on furlough and want to go back to PNG for work will be able to come back!

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