Travel in a COVID-19 world is no boring thing. Back in the day you used to check in with your boarding pass and you’re good to go! Not now though. You have have to have way more then just your boarding pass to be able go go anywhere.

We had at least 30 pages of documents with us detailing transit exemptions and COVID test results, pages that explained how our luggage should be checked through – all the way to the end destination – even though we didn’t have everything on one ticket, and lots of other important documents.

Traveling with required face masks and face shields.

The most powerful weapon though we had was prayer. And that brought us through. Thank you for asking the Lord with us to bring us to PNG! We still marvel at his doing!

We had a fairly simple route that brought us from Berlin over Doha all the way to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from where a flight was leaving to Port Moresby.

From there we were picked up by our mission to bring us and 40 others safely into quarantine in Goroka.

We are now in a 2 week quarantine and hope go go back to our place of service – Hoskins – at the end of November.

Please continue to pray for us as we adjust back to PNG and head back into the support ministry in Hoskins. We are very happy to be back in PNG!


Ready, set, go!

We are going back to PNG! Pray with us that everything works out, as this time is a difficult time to travel, but so far all doors seem to be wide open for us to head back to PNG! We are very thankful that the Lord provided this route back to PNG! Upon arrival in PNG we will be quarantined for two weeks and then head to our location of ministry in West New Britain.


Wantakia 321-0!


The Amdu!


The people and the law

"This past week was an important one as we taught about God giving the Law to the people of Israel. The New Testament…

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Busy for God

We are super excited to be at our next destination! We are in the islands right now, at West New Britain! After our 3rd move within the last 3 weeks we are very happy to be at our destination for the next 5 months!

Looking back at what we did the last three weeks we are so thankful that we got to spend so much time in two different centers in PNG! We met lots of people who gave us insight in what God is doing through them in their ministry location. We were encouraged to meet the people who do all the leg work to keep the bush missionaries out there where they are. Without them the work would be almost impossible to do.

There were teachers who teach the kids at school,  pilots who fly the missionaries and supplies to their bush locations, the mechanics who fix those airplanes when they need it, the supply buyers who shop for the missionaries in the bush and load all their groceries into an airplane and ship it off to them in the tribe. There are consultants who travel to the various ministry locations in the bush, visit the missionaries and guide them in their work. There are doctors and nurses who are on call when somebody needs help, and there are finance people, IT guys  and many many more people. They all play a vital role in church planting, they are just as important as the missionary in the bush who learns the language of the people and lives with them.

Sometimes I wish I could take a look from heaven at all the work that is done on this earth for Christ’s sake, seeing what God is accomplishing through his children who probably often are not even aware of it. It really encourages me when I think of the time when we will stand before the lamb and it all comes together.

“Worthy is the Lamb who was slaughtered—

to receive power and riches

and wisdom and strength

and honor and glory and blessing.” (Rev 5:12 NLT)

What a great day this will be when all of us believers see the end result of God’s work through his children: His Son receiving all the glory and power that He deserves!

What a privilege, to be a child of God and being blessed to do His work on earth, wherever we are!

Now back down to PNG. 🙂

Since we were the only ones coming this July (the intake for new missionaries) we were asked to work on the support side of tribal missions until January comes around. We are very thankful that we get to know Papua New Guinea a little bit better before we start our official training in January.

We are at our location for the next 5 months right now and are looking forward to what God has in store for us! We are not sure yet as to what exactly we will be doing these next months, but we know that there are many roles that need to be filled!

So please continue to keep us in your prayers! You can pray this time of transition, that God would help us to adjust quickly and be a blessing to others!

Here are the impressions from our first three weeks in video:


20 days and counting down

What we have been waiting for so long is finally coming true! We will be leaving for PNG in 20 days! This is in LESS then three weeks! We will fly out on July 20th. Are we freaking out?

There is still a lot to pack, a lot to organize, a lot to think off, and it seems like it will never end! We will have to take everything with us to be ready for a 4 year term, because there are a lot of things that we can not buy in PNG. Like shoes, or kids clothes, or or or…

We are very glad that God is here! He makes ALL the difference! If it wasn’t for Him, I bet we’d freak out! There are days that are crazy but there are also days when we are surprisingly calm. This is all about God and we are GLAD THAT HE IS HERE! I just said that. But it is VERY important.

You can help us by praying for us that we would not forget that God is HERE. And we are glad that God is faithful in reminding us of how much we need Him!

Here is a great video that shows an example how work among the unreached in PNG is being done. Check it out to get a better grasp of what this ministry looks like.


An Opportunity To Serve

Since there are so many refugees here in Europe and particular Germany now we are super excited to announce that we are starting an English speaking small group for refugees at our church!

We are planning to go through chronological bible teaching with them twice a month and hope and pray that they will get a good understanding of the Gospel and find rest in who God is . Please pray with us for the people who will come and for us that we would be able to build good relationships with them and teach them clearly.


Thank You!


We hope that you are able to celebrate with family and friends this year and enjoy some good food!
We are super stoked that we are able to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with our families here in Germany which is a first for them!!! 🙂

Thank you for partnering with us in taking the Gospel to people who have never heard! We could not do it without you!

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Oklahoma: The first Week

With the start of classes in January we moved  to Oklahoma to study the Cherokee language. We all have language helpers that help us to get the word we need. We really appreciate their willingness to help us to understand some of this difficult language. We have language sessions once a day and use most of the day to work through the data we gathered. We are thankful for your prayers as God uses this time to prepare us better for the field he wants us to work in! Please pray for us that we would build good relationships with the helpers and work good together as a team! Down below you can find a video that shows the room that we share as a family. After a pretty difficult first week we are starting to settle in. We are very thankful for how God helps us to face the challenges that we encounter down here .