Travel in a COVID-19 world is no boring thing. Back in the day you used to check in with your boarding pass and you’re good to go! Not now though. You have have to have way more then just your boarding pass to be able go go anywhere.

We had at least 30 pages of documents with us detailing transit exemptions and COVID test results, pages that explained how our luggage should be checked through – all the way to the end destination – even though we didn’t have everything on one ticket, and lots of other important documents.

Traveling with required face masks and face shields.

The most powerful weapon though we had was prayer. And that brought us through. Thank you for asking the Lord with us to bring us to PNG! We still marvel at his doing!

We had a fairly simple route that brought us from Berlin over Doha all the way to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from where a flight was leaving to Port Moresby.

From there we were picked up by our mission to bring us and 40 others safely into quarantine in Goroka.

We are now in a 2 week quarantine and hope go go back to our place of service – Hoskins – at the end of November.

Please continue to pray for us as we adjust back to PNG and head back into the support ministry in Hoskins. We are very happy to be back in PNG!

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