Entering a New Stage in Life!

We were really excited when we received word from PNG this week telling us that we are officially part of the team! We received lots and lots of emails with information about what is needed to apply for work permits and visas… It seems like it will be a lengthy process with lots of paperwork, and we are hoping that the stuff we have to mail in will arrive safely in Papua New Guinea!

At the same time we are very thankful for the opportunity for Frieddy to teach the refugee small group at our church. Last Wednesday they went through creation (day 1-5) and are getting ready to hit the creation of man in two weeks. Please pray with us that it will be a time where we all get to know God better and grow closer to him and that those who are not saved yet will understand the Gospel!

Please also pray for the preparations for PNG that we will rest in God and that He will prepare the way for us.

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On the move


We made it back to Germany! After a long time of traveling and seeing many people we finally arrived in Germany! We are so thankful for how God helped us during the travel. We are super excited to see family and friends here again! We are feeling overwhelmed when we think about the year that is ahead of us here in Germany but we know that God is here. Please be in prayer for us as we prepare everything to move to PNG in summer 2016.

Crossing borders

Have you ever felt lost? Feeling lost in a city is probably not as bad as feeling lost when you cross the door step of your house and step into a completely different culture and language. LOST!
You might even feel quite unappreciated when the people you are trying to reach with the Gospel (who without it will die and go to hell) tell you that your are stupid. That’s what happened to me the other day.
I think we are learning that we need to be prepared and ready to expect to live among people who are not dying to hear our message but do everything to discourage us in our task. And that’s is the point when it comes down to God. Why are we where we are? We are not there because of the people but because of God! We are his messengers and he sent us out! We are just doing our job. Now this job might be a little bit easier when it is at least not made harder then it has to be.
We were encouraged by our teacher today who said something like this:

“Remember that those thoughts ‘I will never learn this language’ or ‘I will never get this’ don’t come from the Lord. They come from Satan. We are at war.”

We want to urge you with Paul together:

“Dear brothers and sisters, I urge you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to join in my struggle by praying to God for me.” Ro. 15:30 NLT

Please pray for us now and in the future because the intensity and the struggle we  face in this simulation is nothing compared to what we will face in this simulation! We are at war together!