Madang: Here we are!

We made it to Madang! We will spend the next 4 months here and will learn a lot about PNG and its people! It will be an incredible time full of excitement and new things to learn! Our boys are already having a good time here even though it was quite hard to say goodbye to their old friends. They are excited to explore our new home and already made some new friends! We appreciate your prayers for the next couple months!




Thank you for your prayers! We got word that our documents arrived safely on PNG! They took a little detour to a different island 🙂 Please pray with us that the process will go smoothly and that we will have our work permits and visas in our hands soon! We are as a family are doing great, just Frieddy is still down with the flu.

Seit zwei Wochen ist die Schule in vollen Gang! Dieses Semester hat bereits mit sehr praktischen Themen begonnen, wir lernen in Missionary Technology alles vom Löten bis zu wie man seine eigene Solaranlage baut.School is running since two weeks! This semester started out very practical with Missionary Technology. We are learning a ton of stuff from soldering to building your own electric power supply.