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Our time in the dark

We made it! We are done afar two long weeks and had a great time!

The whole time we were not allowed to use the internet, phone or email.

The two weeks started with us making a supply run for the other group to get their groceries for two weeks. They did a supply run for us. We made our supply run extra hard to simulate field conditions ­čÖé

As soon as the clock hit 8pm the lights went off! After that only candles or an oil lamp was allowed. You don’t believe how dark it was! We were already so tired at 9pm most of the time that we went to bed early. We definitively got more sleep!

We had several scenarios going on during those two weeks. One scenario was “rainy season”. For almost three days we were completely out of electricity. We had no lights at all and no power to charge our computer or phone. These days were quite long and kinda depressing, especially if it was not sunny outside. God used that time to remind us of who our joy is, and that our joy does not depend on the situation. We really enjoyed the long evenings because it gave us more time together as a couple.

After that we went right into the “dry season”. Our water tanks were empty so we had to haul┬áwater from a nearby wash house.

We had several classes during the two weeks. We learned how to make tortillas, how to pressure cook and can and how to make your own bread.

This whole time was a good training for us. Thank you so much for your prayers!

family MTC Tribal Missions

Dried Out In The Dark

This is what we will be challenged with the next two weeks:

We won’t have any electricity (mostly) and occasionally no even running water. We will be starting a simulation of the living conditions that a missionary in a tribe might face. This will also include cooking from scratch and not being able to go out into town to buy additional groceries. We had to make a meal plan for two weeks and then buy everything accordingly. We will also have no internet during that time and won’t be able to be reached by phone. Please be praying for us to have a good time and to learn a lot!

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Today is the day when the tribal simulation ended. Five weeks later we are looking back at an awesome time we had in the simulation and discussion time afterwards. We are very thankful for this opportunity which showed us a little bit how life on the field will be and how we will react to it. We say areas we are good in and areas where we need improvement, depending on our personalities. Thank you so much for all your support during that time! The saddest thing for us is that this simulation was just a simulation and that we are not yet in a tribe in Papua New Guinea. But we are looking forward to it! We can”t wait!

MTC Tribal Missions

Crossing borders

Have you ever felt lost? Feeling lost in a city is probably not as bad as feeling lost when you cross the door step of your house and step into a completely different culture and language. LOST!
You might even feel quite unappreciated when the people you are trying to reach with the Gospel (who without it will die and go to hell) tell you that your are stupid. That’s what happened to me the other day.
I think we are learning that we need to be prepared and ready to expect to live among people who are not dying to hear our message but do everything to discourage us in our task. And that’s is the point when it comes down to God. Why are we where we are? We are not there because of the people but because of God! We are his messengers and he sent us out! We are just doing our job. Now this job might be a little bit easier when it is at least not made harder then it has to be.
We were encouraged by our teacher today who said something like this:

“Remember that those thoughts ‘I will never learn this language’ or ‘I will never get this’ don’t come from the Lord. They come from Satan. We are at war.”

We want to urge you with Paul together:

“Dear brothers and sisters, I urge you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to join in my struggle by praying to God for me.” Ro. 15:30 NLT

Please pray for us now and in the future because the intensity and the struggle we  face in this simulation is nothing compared to what we will face in this simulation! We are at war together!

MTC Tribal Missions


We had a great first week of the tribal simulation. The first day we took Ben Elliot with us into the village and he was so scared! He hid his face on Frieddy’s shoulder for almost the whole time but at the end he would turn around and look at everything.

It was a great experience for us. It took some time to get comfortable with the tribal people (and it still does) but we can say we are definitely looking forward to the day when we will be in a real village talking to real people! The good thing about the simulation is that it is not hard at all to forget that you are in a role play. We are expected to behave as we would on the field with real people.

It is sad that we cannot share any details with others about what we do because it would impact the effectiveness of the role play. But we continue to appreciate your prayers as we face challenges that we will face on the field for real someday. This is a great preparation!

MTC Tribal Missions

Tribal Life Simulation

Beginning tomorrow we will experience one of the secrets of training. A hidden tribe in the training center? Exactly! Tomorrow we will start a six week simulation of field live, meaning that we have to go through some of the key aspects of missionary live in the first couple of years. Sounds scary? Honestly speaking, we are excited but also a bit nervous.

Please keep us in your prayers especially for the next six weeks as we practice most of what we have learned so far and how to apply it to “real” life.

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Christmas Break!!

We are on Christmas Break right now and are absolutely enjoying it! ­čÖé Originally we had plans to visit friends for a few days, but ended up staying at home because of sickness. That was very sad and we hope we will be able to see them soon! In the meantime, we have had lots of opportunity to relax and get some rest. Here are some pictures of what we did so far:

We were able to celebrate our first Christmas as a family! It was fun to come up with some new “family traditions” ­čÖé ┬áWe missed our friends and family in Germany very much though!

We have had time to hang out with friends, go for walks and simply enjoyed being together! ­čÖé

And finally we got A LOT of snow!!! ­čÖé

family MTC Tribal Missions

Happy New Year!

We wish you all a good and happy new year 2014! Thank you so much for all your support  during the last year!

MTC Tribal Missions


We are learning Portuguese right now! Well, at least a little bit.

But we are learning Portuguese not to learn Portuguese but to practice and learn how to learn a tribal language. We want to start learning a language as a child does it.

It points at things and then the adults or other kids say whatever they are pointing at. In the technique we use which is called total physical response (TPR) we ask the language helper to quiz us on things we learn and we point out to whatever the helper is saying, which is simply the reverse way. The theory is that this way our brain is better involved in language learning then by doing memory cards.


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