20 days and counting down

What we have been waiting for so long is finally coming true! We will be leaving for PNG in 20 days! This is in LESS then three weeks! We will fly out on July 20th. Are we freaking out?

There is still a lot to pack, a lot to organize, a lot to think off, and it seems like it will never end! We will have to take everything with us to be ready for a 4 year term, because there are a lot of things that we can not buy in PNG. Like shoes, or kids clothes, or or or…

We are very glad that God is here! He makes ALL the difference! If it wasn’t for Him, I bet we’d freak out! There are days that are crazy but there are also days when we are surprisingly calm. This is all about God and we are GLAD THAT HE IS HERE! I just said that. But it is VERY important.

You can help us by praying for us that we would not forget that God is HERE. And we are glad that God is faithful in reminding us of how much we need Him!

Here is a great video that shows an example how work among the unreached in PNG is being done. Check it out to get a better grasp of what this ministry looks like.

Flights, Visas and Immunizations and Packing and…

…sounds like a lot right? It is!
We are super excited that the preparations for PNG are moving along! On Monday we were able to book our flights to PNG (we’re leaving mid July) and heard back from PNG that our work permits are granted! Yeah! On Thursday we sent our passports to Brussels to the PNG Embassy and are hoping to get them back with our entry permits soon! Please pray with us that they arrive before we fly 🙂
We are almost done with immunizations and are in the middle of packing everything up. There is still a lot to organize and buy so please pray with us that we would be able to finish everything in time and provide a calm environment for our kids 🙂



Thank you for your prayers! We got word that our documents arrived safely on PNG! They took a little detour to a different island 🙂 Please pray with us that the process will go smoothly and that we will have our work permits and visas in our hands soon! We are as a family are doing great, just Frieddy is still down with the flu.

Entering a New Stage in Life!

We were really excited when we received word from PNG this week telling us that we are officially part of the team! We received lots and lots of emails with information about what is needed to apply for work permits and visas… It seems like it will be a lengthy process with lots of paperwork, and we are hoping that the stuff we have to mail in will arrive safely in Papua New Guinea!

At the same time we are very thankful for the opportunity for Frieddy to teach the refugee small group at our church. Last Wednesday they went through creation (day 1-5) and are getting ready to hit the creation of man in two weeks. Please pray with us that it will be a time where we all get to know God better and grow closer to him and that those who are not saved yet will understand the Gospel!

Please also pray for the preparations for PNG that we will rest in God and that He will prepare the way for us.

Christmas in the Tribe

Over the Christmas time the video below was shared from a work in a tribe where the Gospel has been presented 7 years ago. This is what the missionary wrote:

“Christmas Eve service in the tribe. HUGE difference from 7 years ago when they did not know the Savior we celebrate!”

Praise God for what He did, bringing light into darkness!!!

Source: GaryEsther Smith

This is what Christmas looks like for 2000 people groups…

There is NO Christmas, NO Savior, NO hope, NO gifts, NO songs, NO celebration, NO baby Jesus. Because they have not heard. Because they cannot hear.

Over 2000 people groups don’t know about a baby boy who was born to die for them. #NoChristmas2000

That’s why our image is black: because this is what Christmas looks like for them. Let’s remember those who don’t have a chance to hear unless someone goes and tells them!

We wish you happy holidays and a merry Christmas! We hope that you all can spend Christmas with your families celebrating and rejoicing about our Savior being born.

Good news to all men, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!