PNG Tribal Missions

Independence Day

Exciting days here in Papua New Guinea! Right now we are learning to work in a lot of different areas we’ve never worked before! It is exciting to learn to do carpentry, transport crates, fix computers, work on bath rooms, etc. But even more exciting then just learning new things is working among national believers here! Here is a little story about how the PNG Independence Day went down.

On Friday 09/16/2016 was the National Independence Day for Papua New Guinea. We and some friends went by car to the town of Kimbe, the Capital of West New Britain. While we were driving to Kimbe we saw countless people walking to other Independence Day Celebratios as it seemed. Most of them dressed in the National Colors of Papua New Guinea (Black, Red, White?, Yellow) and carried flags.

There seemed to be some kind of celebrations in a lot of places where we went by. All the stores were closed.

We finally arrived at around 10 am in the city of Kimbe and after waiting in the car for about 10 minutes (because there were just speeches going on) went to a big field where a lot of people had gathered.

There was a stadium on the side where some people where sitting. The stadium was kind of fenced in with an open gate.
We were standing in the crowd trying to see what was going on.
The people next to us were very kind and one of them even offered to share her umbrella with us to protect us from the sun.
Then the signing and dancing started. It seemed like that they had separate groups that took turns to dance in and out of the gate and in front of the stadium. The dancers seem to wear traditional clothing.
There was something said from the stadium before each group and after each group.


After a while the people became tired of not seeing because the groups performed right in front of the stadium – so most people couldn’t see much the people moved into the space in front of the gate.

After continuing to watch from here a man came out and asked us to come with him and invited us to sit in the stadium.

They asked us to sit down and even offered our kids a bottle of water (we had forgotten ours in the car :-)). The dancing and singing continued for a while.




On the road we also saw trucks that were decorated and driving around celebrating.
After a couple hours we drove back. Not sure how much longer the singing and dancing continued.
Please pray for us as we continue to get to know PNG culture! Pray for us as we work on building relationships with the people here and work to learn Tok Pisin!