20 days and counting down

What we have been waiting for so long is finally coming true! We will be leaving for PNG in 20 days! This is in LESS then three weeks! We will fly out on July 20th. Are we freaking out?

There is still a lot to pack, a lot to organize, a lot to think off, and it seems like it will never end! We will have to take everything with us to be ready for a 4 year term, because there are a lot of things that we can not buy in PNG. Like shoes, or kids clothes, or or or…

We are very glad that God is here! He makes ALL the difference! If it wasn’t for Him, I bet we’d freak out! There are days that are crazy but there are also days when we are surprisingly calm. This is all about God and we are GLAD THAT HE IS HERE! I just said that. But it is VERY important.

You can help us by praying for us that we would not forget that God is HERE. And we are glad that God is faithful in reminding us of how much we need Him!

Here is a great video that shows an example how work among the unreached in PNG is being done. Check it out to get a better grasp of what this ministry looks like.


  1. Doug "Tribal" Schaible

    I wish I could have seen you when I go to PNG. I will be landing in Goroka on the 27th of July and coming back to the States on Aug. 10. Take care and I am praying for you both. Keep the faith.

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