A Night Hike

Today Frieddy and Ben Elliot went on a little night hike right before bedtime. It is impossible to describe how excited Ben Elliot was!! He had a blast!! I guess it was his first time going for a walk in the dark. He loved spending time with his Daddy! And he loved using his little headlight to explore different things around campus – like cars, tractors and diggers of course… 🙂

I was reminded of how God wants to use as lights in a dark, dark world… How many people are still living without the hope of a Savior. And how just a little light can make an incredible difference! Please pray for us that we would stay focused on the task as we are studying Linguistics this semester and are getting closer to going overseas. Pray for us that Christ would be magnified in our lives and that we would be faithful servants. And please pray for the millions of unreached people that so desperately need the Gospel of Jesus Christ!