Missionary Technology

I have never build a house, nor even thought about doing it. I have no clue how to wire it and to provide electricity where there is none and what exactly needs to be thought through. This is a bad situation to be in when you are supposed to build your house overseas right?

We had a class called Missionary Technology, where we learned a ton of stuff from people who work in the NTM Tech Center on campus.
What would we be without our NTM Tech Center, a place where missionaries test, develop, modify and build devices that need to be used on the field? Lost, is the answer!

It is very encouraging to see how the body of Christ works together in this. Not everybody is skilled in that area. But God provides people who are experts at this.

If you live at a place where you have no power lines near you you need to provide your own power. Same thing with water. How do you provide clean drinking without having a water company delivering it to your house or being able to buy drinking water at a nearby store? These are some of the things we learned in class.

We also had soldering labs and got help in planning our future house. We are super thankful for having such people here that dig into material that we do not understand for the most part.

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