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Oklahoma: The first Week

With the start of classes in January we moved  to Oklahoma to study the Cherokee language. We all have language helpers that help us to get the word we need. We really appreciate their willingness to help us to understand some of this difficult language. We have language sessions once a day and use most of the day to work through the data we gathered. We are thankful for your prayers as God uses this time to prepare us better for the field he wants us to work in! Please pray for us that we would build good relationships with the helpers and work good together as a team! Down below you can find a video that shows the room that we share as a family. After a pretty difficult first week we are starting to settle in. We are very thankful for how God helps us to face the challenges that we encounter down here .

A Night Hike

Today Frieddy and Ben Elliot went on a little night hike right before bedtime. It is impossible to describe how excited Ben Elliot was!! He had a blast!! I guess it was his first time going for a walk in the dark. He loved spending time with his Daddy! And he loved using his little headlight to explore different things around campus – like cars, tractors and diggers of course… 🙂

I was reminded of how God wants to use as lights in a dark, dark world… How many people are still living without the hope of a Savior. And how just a little light can make an incredible difference! Please pray for us that we would stay focused on the task as we are studying Linguistics this semester and are getting closer to going overseas. Pray for us that Christ would be magnified in our lives and that we would be faithful servants. And please pray for the millions of unreached people that so desperately need the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Our Family and Babel

Here is a summary of our first weeks of Linguistics! I had the choice between writing a boring post about how to analyze a language you do not know OR to share some of the things that are happening in our life as we are studying this thing called linguistics. I decided to do the second (and maybe you are glad I did so… :))

Working on Orthography

Working on Orthography

This has definitely not been an easy semester for us so far! At the same time God has been so faithful in teaching us a lot of different things. Frieddy and I are both taking the course and it has meant a lot of adjustments for us as a family. Especially the first month was very intense. We are learning new stuff almost every morning, some days we have afternoon classes and we usually work on homework assignments until late at night which is why we are often tired. We will have studied parts of the grammar and the sounds of about 140 different languages by the time we have completed this course next spring, which is really exciting! A few days ago we looked at German and it was so funny to see how both Frieddy and I got so confused with our own language – it is one thing to be able to speak it, and another to understand what is going on on a grammatical level… After spending some time analyzing it, German does not seem that easy after all! 🙂

Frieddy studying

Frieddy working on Homework

We both have been enjoying classes a lot so far (at least most days :)), and still feel like there have been many challenges that God is using to bring us closer to Him.
We realize how much we still have to learn in the area of managing our time well and finding a good balance between taking the time necessary for homework and things that need to be done, but also making sure that we spend enough time with our boys and as a couple.  After the first weeks of classes which were extremely busy, we decided that I would step back a little in order to have more time to take care of the boys. It was simply getting too much and I was under too much pressure. I am still going to classes in the mornings and I am doing some of the homework, but not all of it. This decision has been a huge relief. Especially in the beginning of classes, Linus was still having some health issues. Also, we seem to have caught every single virus that is going around on campus this semester and had to miss many days of classes. Things have been going so much better since I am not taking the full course load any more.Frieddy is still hanging in there and learning a lot every day. He says what keeps him going is the fact that God created all these languages – so they must be predictable!  [Is it cheating to ask the Creator of all these languages for help when you are stuck on your homework?! I don’t think so… ;)]

Studying with Linus :)

Studying with Linus 🙂

God has been so so faithful throughout these past weeks. We really feel like He is a good Father, taking good care of us. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. He gives the strength for each day and surrounds us with friends that we can have great fellowship with. And we just love to see how he uses times like this to bring us closer to Him, showing us our desperate need for Him and the life that He gives! We are so needy, and we are learning to cry out to Him for wisdom daily. It has been amazing to see how He answers every single time. Yes, it has been tough – but we do not want to miss this time!